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Want to know why our Pearl Powder is so popular among skincare enthusiasts? Check out the testimonials below.

I used this cream for 2 weeks and could not believe the results. I use it twice a day, morning and evening.

    Denise Z

    69 Florida

    This is hands down the best cream I have ever used. I really don't wear makeup so this is perfect. My skin is flawless.

      Lisa P.

      53 Florida

      A friend of mine who is 69 has skin like I have never seen before. She gave me the name of the skin care she was using. I ordered it immediately and within 5 days my skin looked improved.

        Mary W.

        44 Georgia

        Every Woman wants a Perfect cream that does A to Z. I truly do not need any other cream besides this Product.

          Linda C.

          42 North Carolina

          I have been using this cream for 2 months. What a difference it has made in my skin. I look younger and my skin glows.

            Sara M.

            45 Chicago

            I am so picky about skin cream. My client recommended this product even though I was hesitant I am a true believer now.

              Bonnie F.

              62 California

              I use this cream morning and night so I don't need two different products. My makeup stays on better beautifully all day and night time. Just a small amount and I wake up looking refreshed.

                Trisha B.

                53 Oklahoma

                At age 65 my skin took a turn for the worse. Dry, wrinkles, and discoloration. I was not happy because it made me look 10 yrs older. Since using this product my skin has never looked better.

                  Jean M.

                  66 California

                  Getting older never felt so good. My skin is far more beautiful than the women in their 40s.

                    Soosan R.

                    69 California

                    My skin now feels like silk. Tiny lines have disappeared and my skin looks amazing!

                      Lori L.

                      65 Virginia

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                      Our Pearls

                      Our Pearl Powder comes from freshwater pearls that take between 1 and 6 years to form. It contains skin-nourishing components, including amino acids, antioxidants, and conchiolin, a protein that rebuilds collagen, hydrates, and retains skin moisture. Since it helps repair skin damage, remove blemishes, control oil and shine, and reduce pores, Pearl Powder is an essential part of an effective skincare routine.